Kinky Twist Queen  is an African American braiding service, that infuses professional braid and twist  techniques with quality Hair care services. Doing all that is possible to give each and every KTQutie exactly what they want and  need is an on goining mission that brings much pride.. With "soft hand" braid and twist techniques, knowledge of natural hair care products  and your direct  access to licensed professionals for all of your healthy hair growing needs,  you  will soon understand that you couldn't possibly be in better hands.

                            Go From Afro To Oil Sheen With The Kinky Twist Queen.......BECAUSE I CARE!:-)

Our Story


     The Kinky Twist Queen  brand  was created by Chaunta` Sharp, an African American hair braider located in Milwaukee,Wi.

    After years of braiding and learning , it was clear that there was something missing from the professional braiding industry here in MIlwaukee. That thing  that was missing was simply "CARE".

      CARE for the hair that is within the braids and twists that have been installed.           CARE for the pain afflicted upon the client that is recieving  a braid or twist service.

      And  CARE  for the  personal needs of the client recieving these services.

    In a time where a huge amount of African American women are choosing to go natural, It is only natural that  professional  braiders  UNDERSTAND  this movement.  

       UNDERSTAND that your braids and twists should be an alternative to everyday manipulation in an attempt to protect your hair,  not destroy it.      

       UNDERSTAND that, While we all love

to rock our braids and twists, it is more important to take care of the hair underneath.

    This  is why Kinky Twist Queen is truly a brand of quality! With " easy to care for"  protective  twist and braid styles ,  Professional services provided in an environment created to cater to your comfort and  skilled Professionals that understand your wants and needs, you will find that, ( in the words of Marvin Gay)  We're all you need to get by!

Our Vision

      For years and years we  all have rocked our braids and twists in ways that were damaging to our edges, painfully installed and just uncomfortable to sit through.

      Well the Kinky Twist Queen brand represents an end to those tormenting and damaging ways.

      With softer braiding technecques, some helpful products, educational tips for what to do at home  and an atmosphere designed to keep you connected to all of your needed hair care professionals, Kinky Twist Queen plans to put a brand new spin on things.

       In a world where we are all told from a very young age that beauty is pain, Kinky Twist Queen has taken on the challenge to help reshape the mind set of the world when it comes to protective braid and twist styles.


       Once we  have completely learned to embrace our natural beauty we will see that  the truth is quite the opposite........Beauty  FEELS GOOD THROUGH AND THROUGH!  Naturally it is yours because Naturally it is you!  

So we did that walk!🙅🏽‍♀️ now for this

Meet Your Braiding Professional!



     What can I say? To know me is to Love me!  (At least that's what I've been told:-) I am the Kinky Twist Queen simply because I specialize in all twists with a focus on kinky twists specifically. I created the Kinky Twist Queen brand because I wanted to set a long lasting standard for quality braid and twist styles that cater to the clients they're on. By this I mean making each braiding service unique to each clients needs. For years we have been rocking our braids and twists simply for the look. Well these looks weren't so healthy for our hair! With thinning edges, balding spots and excessive  breakage due to extremely tight and unmaintained hair styles, it is time that we change the way we rock our braids and twists. THANK GOD  for the opportunity to live and learn, right? With technology and education all around us,  we all just get better and better every day! Through the Kinky Twist Queen brand I intend to be one of the added ingrediants to your life to help you to be a better you because that is exactly what you are all to me! I Thank you  for your interest in Kinky Twist Queen and  I look forward to meeting you in the near future!:-)




 The Kinky Twist Queen